About My BioPortal

About My BioPortal

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My BioPortal FAQ:

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A. Account Signup

How do i sign up for an account?

You can sign up for a new account but navigating to bioportal.burstbiologics.com then click on ‘New User Register’ button.


On this page make sure to select the account type you wish to sign up for. Currently the options are for a hospital, doctor or distributor account.

Once your account type is selected then you will need to complete your registration form by filling out the fields on each page and clicking on the ‘next’ button. Once you have reached the end you need to agree to our terms and conditions and then hit the Submit button. If you are unsure what to place in a field you may enter N/A except on email fields.

All accounts go through a mandatory review and verification process before they are approved. This process may take awhile. If you have not received an approval email within 24 hours of signing up please call the BioPortal support at:

How long will it take for my account to be verified?

We are usually able to verify accounts within an hour of submission from an applicant. However, if the application is submitted outside of our office hours the application might not be approved until the following business day.

If you have not received an approval email within 24 hours of signing up please call the BioPortal support at:

B. Placing an Order

The following information pertains to Doctor and Hospital accounts

How do I place an order through My BioPortal?

Selecting products and adding to your Shopping Cart:

Once logged into a Doctor or Hospital account you can begin to select products you wish to add to an order. On the left sidebar you will find the different categories of products. Click on a category and then click on a product you wish to order.

When you click on a product you will be directed to a product page. From here you are able to see all of the details about the product and choose a quantity. Once you confirm that a product is the correct choice (including the size of a product E.G. ml, CC, or mm sizes) and have chose a quantity you can click the “Add to Cart” button.

At this point you can select additional products to add to your cart or you can proceed to checkout. At any point you can review your cart and proceed to the checkout by clicking on the shopping cart icon located on the top right of any page. :

Once you click on the Shopping Cart Button you will be directed to the order review page.
From this page you are able to review your order and update quantities or remove any products you do not want to include in an order. After updating a quantity you will need to click the ‘Update Cart’ button save any changes made.

Once you have confirmed your order click the ‘Proceed’ button.


On the check out page you will be required to fill out all of the necessary fields under ‘Order Information’. All fields that are required are marked with *

For your convenience you can select saved shipping locations by clicking on the ‘Select Saved Address’ dropdown under ‘Ship To Information’ and select an address you want to use for shipping. For more information on addresses please see the next question “How can I add another address?”

How can I add another address to ship products to?

All shipment locations must be verified by our team before we are able to make a shipment to that location. All accounts are required to enter one default shipment address as a part of the registration phase. This address is verified before account approval. This address will show up on the cart checkout page as an available shipping address.

To save an additional address for future orders you can click on ‘My Addresses’ under ‘User Settings’ Dropdown menu at the top right of any page. From this page you can add/delete or edit any addresses.

C. Prospective Registry and Adverse Events Forms

How do I fill out a Prospective Registry form?

In light of new evidence based medicine initiatives, Burst Biologics has established a patient registry in order to document patient outcomes.

The registry is an IRB approved clinical study posted on clinicaltrials.gov and potential investigators must also be approved by this IRB.  All patients entered into the registry must have signed informed consent.

If you are interested in participating or would like more information please contact your distributor or sales representative.

If you are already participating you can easily log in to your ‘Doctor’ account and fill out a form. Once logged in click on ‘Prospective Registry’. Then you will need to click on the correct form you wish to fill out. Please note that there are three forms for Spine procedures and three separate forms for Foot and Ankle procedures.

Once you have selected the correct form you will then need to start filling out each field. All required Fields are marked with * .   Once you have filled out all pages of the form you will then need to confirm that you have not provided any Protected Health information-identifiers then you can click submit. The submission process can take several moments to complete, please do not navigate away from this page until you see the Green Confirmation message indicating that the form has finished submitting.

How can I report an adverse event?

Once logged into a doctor account click on ‘Adverse event reporting’.  Then fill out each page of the report. All required Fields are marked with * . Once you have submitted a report we will review the information. Direct all questions regarding completing this form to Burst Biologics Regulatory Affairs 1-888-322-1191.

If you are participating in our Prospective Registry you will be required to fill out an additional form for any adverse event or surgical complication. You can find these forms under ‘Prospective Registry’ once logged in as doctor.

D. Distributor Accounts

How do I connect a client account to my Distributor account?

Please note that your client needs to have an account on MyBioPortal before you can connect to them.

All distributor-client connections are verified before they are approved and set up. You will have to contact our admin to start the process. Please direct requests to: marketing@smart-surgical.com please include their name and account type such as:

Dr. John Doe, Doctor Account

Once a connection is approved and implemented you should see your their account name on the ‘Customer Profile Details’ page. From this page you will be able to track all orders from a client.

How do I make an Marketing Materials Request.

Navigate to the “Marketing Material” Page (this is the default home screen for distributors). In the top right conner you should see the “Make A Request” button, click on it. Fill out the form that appears and then click submit.