A “Mismatch” Made in Heaven: Avoiding Graft-Versus-Host Disease (GvHD) With UCB

on 07.19.2017 / by Daniel Thrasher / 0 comments in Research, Thoughts

Graft versus host disease (GvHD)

Matches aren’t just for online dating. In regenerative cell mediated therapy, you’re also looking for a certain type of match. But rather than long walks on the beach or a shared affinity for Jimmy Buffett tunes, you’re specifically seeking compatibility between the donor and recipient’s human leukocyte antigen (HLA) markers. In many prominent regenerative medicine […]

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Support: The Real Secret Sauce to Any Company

on 06.26.2017 / by Victoria Horn / 0 comments in BioCast

“Wait, no, you have to see this!” A smiling man with an infectious laugh turns his cell phone around to display the screen for me. On it were various 3D images of a skull, with a substantial portion missing, and a 3D digital mock-up of what looked like a honeycomb. This was how I met […]

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What is Regenerative Medicine Today?

on 06.16.2017 / by Daniel Thrasher / 0 comments in Bio101, News, Research, Thoughts

What is Regenerative Medicine Today

As you’ve probably heard us mention a time or two, Burst Biologics is in the business of regenerative medicine – and yes, it’s as cool as it sounds! But what does regenerative medicine mean? At its core, it’s all about helping human cells, tissues, and organs work properly. This branch of medicine focuses on the […]

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Here’s Why We Love Signaling Molecules

on 06.09.2017 / by Daniel Thrasher / 2 comments in Research, Thoughts


Cells are a lot like people: they have different jobs to do, and they need to work together to get them done. But rather than communicate using text messages or video chats, cells rely on chemical messengers called signaling molecules. Here at Burst Biologics, we make a big deal about signaling molecules. That’s because biologic […]

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We Wished. We Walked. Everyone Won.

on 06.02.2017 / by Victoria Horn / 0 comments in Events

Burst Biologics Walk for Wishes fundraiser

You may have heard through one of our many posts about it, the Burst Biologics team made a run (er, walk?) for it for the Idaho Walk for Wishes fundraiser – and we had a blast! On a sunny Friday evening, several Burst Biologics team members and their friends gathered to walk in their superhero garb. Yes, there […]

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Memorial Day: Things You Didn’t Learn In School

on 05.26.2017 / by Victoria Horn / 0 comments in Events

Memorial Day conjures up different images for everyone. Maybe it’s your Grandfather at the helm of a ship in the Navy, or your Aunt guiding her troops on foot through less-than-reasonable terrain. Even if you don’t have a military background yourself, odds are good you know someone who does. Here at Burst Biologics, Memorial Day […]

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Burst Biologics: Making Wishes Come True

on 05.02.2017 / by Victoria Horn / 0 comments in Events, News

Here at Burst Biologics we care about people; we recruit the best in the field, we develop the most innovative solutions, and we celebrate a strong company culture. Right now, we’re the most excited to celebrate making wishes come true for kids across the country. Wishes are for more than toddlers and storybooks, the Make-A-Wish Foundation […]

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BioBurst Fluid: Latest Clinical Study Underway

on 04.25.2017 / by Hayley Paronish / 0 comments in Events, News, Research

Exciting news for Burst Biologics as we’ve secured approval for our latest clinical study focusing on challenging foot and ankle surgery patients using BioBurst Fluid. This particular clinical study framework was created widely in order to evaluate complex surgeries in challenging patient populations. Most people will suffer from some degree of foot or ankle problems […]

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BioBurst Fluid: extensive spinal fusion clinical study

on 03.27.2017 / by Hayley Paronish / 1 comment in Events, News, Research

BioBurst Fluid

  Burst Biologics is excited to begin the IRB approved multicenter prospective clinical study in spinal fusion patients. BioBurst Fluid, a cellular umbilical cord blood (UCB) derived allograft, has shown very promising results in spinal fusion procedures. Aimed at documenting how spine and neurosurgeons are utilizing Burst Biologics products along with patient outcomes, this study […]

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