Angiogenesis Demystified

on 09.08.2017 / by Daniel Thrasher / 0 comments in Research, Thoughts

Angiogenesis. At first glance, it can seem like an intimidating word. A lot of people may inadvertently find their eyes glazing over whenever they encounter medical terminology with more than a few syllables. But it’s well worth learning what this particular process is for anyone considering bone or tissue grafts, because the effectiveness of the […]

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Inside the Research Rotation Program at Burst

on 08.31.2017 / by Daniel Thrasher / 0 comments in BioTalk, Research

It’s not often you find something everyone can agree on. After all, we live in a world of cat people versus dog people, vegetarians versus meat lovers, and even Mayweather versus McGregor. But here at Burst Biologics, I couldn’t find anybody who wasn’t positively glowing with praise about our company’s research rotation program. In my […]

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Regenerative Medicine Solutions for the US Military

on 08.23.2017 / by Daniel Thrasher / 0 comments in Research, Thoughts

Regenerative Medicine Solutions

We’ve seen huge strides in regenerative medicine solutions over the past few decades. Thanks to the field’s groundbreaking gene, cell, and tissue-based therapies, countless people can now enjoy pain relief and restored functionality after injury or deterioration. The pace of new discoveries in regenerative medicine is only accelerating, and Burst Biologics is proud to be […]

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Why We Ditched DMSO: A Look at the Safety of Dimethyl Sulfoxide

on 08.15.2017 / by Daniel Thrasher / 1 comment in Bio101, Research

Why We Ditched DMSO

Early in the summer of 2017, I traveled to Europe to explore the Scottish Highlands. With rolling hills and an ethereal mist hanging in the air, the Highlands are easily among the most beautiful landscapes in the world. But even though I loved visiting the Highlands, I couldn’t imagine actually living there. Why? Because there’s […]

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Recollections From NASS Summer Spine Meeting

on 08.09.2017 / by Daniel Thrasher / 0 comments in Events

Burst Biologics at NASS Summer Spine Meeting

Did you make it to the NASS Summer Spine Meeting? We were there! The Burst Biologics team was excited to be a part of the event in San Diego a few weeks ago, July 26 – 29. We hope you caught us at Table #14! In case you missed the event, we wanted to share […]

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Got Stem Cells on the Brain?

on 07.27.2017 / by Daniel Thrasher / 0 comments in News, Research, Thoughts

Neural Stem Cell

As we’ve mentioned before, Burst Biologics has its own lab and a staff of Ph.Ds working to make contributions to science, but we also follow what’s going on in our industry as a whole. There have been some amazing developments in the fields of biology and regenerative medicine over the last few years, like this exciting […]

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A “Mismatch” Made in Heaven: Avoiding Graft-Versus-Host Disease (GvHD) With UCB

on 07.19.2017 / by Daniel Thrasher / 2 comments in Research, Thoughts

Graft versus host disease (GvHD)

Matches aren’t just for online dating. In regenerative cell mediated therapy, you’re also looking for a certain type of match. But rather than long walks on the beach or a shared affinity for Jimmy Buffett tunes, you’re specifically seeking compatibility between the donor and recipient’s human leukocyte antigen (HLA) markers. In many prominent regenerative medicine […]

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Support: The Real Secret Sauce to Any Company

on 06.26.2017 / by Victoria Horn / 0 comments in BioCast

“Wait, no, you have to see this!” A smiling man with an infectious laugh turns his cell phone around to display the screen for me. On it were various 3D images of a skull, with a substantial portion missing, and a 3D digital mock-up of what looked like a honeycomb. This was how I met […]

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What is Regenerative Medicine Today?

on 06.16.2017 / by Daniel Thrasher / 2 comments in Bio101, News, Research, Thoughts

What is Regenerative Medicine Today

As you’ve probably heard us mention a time or two, Burst Biologics is in the business of regenerative medicine – and yes, it’s as cool as it sounds! But what does regenerative medicine mean? At its core, it’s all about helping human cells, tissues, and organs work properly. This branch of medicine focuses on the […]

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