Recollections From NASS Summer Spine Meeting

Burst Biologics Booth at NASS Summer Spine Meeting

Did you make it to the NASS Summer Spine Meeting? We were there!

The Burst Biologics team was excited to be a part of the event in San Diego a few weeks ago, July 26 – 29. We hope you caught us at Table #14!

In case you missed the event, we wanted to share some of what we learned.

Biologics at NASS Summer Spine Meeting

Part of why we were excited about NASS Summer Spine was because of the emphasis on biologics this year. In fact, there was a great course called “Biologic Interventions for Spinal Pathologies” that touched on everything from stem cells to growth factors as they relate to spine care.

Our favorite presenter from the course was Dr. Harvey Smith, MD of Philadelphia. Dr. Smith’s talk was titled, “How are Cellular Biologics Different from Each Other?” In this lecture, he delved into cell counts, the types of cells found in biologics, and the extracellular matrices that cellular products can be suspended in. All told, it was an excellent presentation.  

Ultimately, one of the biggest topics to emerge from the conversation was DMSO. At the conference, most doctors and presenters spoke about DMSO as a necessary component of biologic products.  

Progenokine at NASS Summer Spine Meeting

We took this as a great opportunity to share information about our patent pending Progenokine Process with the group. The process was developed in a way that supports the integrity of the BioBurst suite of products.

But perhaps most importantly, Progenokine is DMSO-free! We made a huge splash at NASS when we revealed that our products utilize cryopreservation media without a trace of DMSO!

Complementing the unique properties of umbilical cord blood, the Progenokine Process makes BioBurst Fluid a standout biologic in the industry today.

Preparing for the Next NASS

Front Burst Biologics Booth at NASS Summer Spine Meeting

It’s not really news to us that our products have some superior characteristics, but the conference was a good reminder to spread the word about them! That’s why we’re already getting excited about NASS 2017 in October

It’s the biggest spine meeting of the year, so you’d better believe we’ll be there. You’ll find us at Booth #1753! We’ll even hand out some glossy new brochures about the research we do and the extra lengths we go to in order to ensure a great product.

All in all, we’re glad we attended the NASS Summer Spine Meeting – and we don’t want that feeling to end. Fortunately, we have the October NASS conference to look forward to, and so do you!

Now’s a good time to mark your calendars. We’ll see you there!

We Wished. We Walked. Everyone Won.

fundraising awards make a wish IdahoYou may have heard through one of our many posts about it, the Burst Biologics team made a run (er, walk?) for it for the Idaho Walk for Wishes fundraiser – and we had a blast! On a sunny Friday evening, several Burst Biologics team members and their friends gathered to walk in their superhero garb. Yes, there were capes. Yes, they were glorious. Along the way, we got to hear stories of wish kids enjoying their special days, see some encouraging signs for those struggling towards the end of the full distance, and even collect some pretty awesome stickers. Don’t worry, kids, adults and dogs alike were all able to collect stickers.

As a team (consisting of our employees, their families and friends, and our clients) we were able to raise so much that we were one of the top twenty of fundraising teams here in Boise! While we were proud of raising that much to begin with, we also managed to take home an award as the largest donation from a Non-Wish family – so now we’re super proud. And we’re also enjoying the thoughtful (and delicious) award (which we call breakfast) here at the office.

Now, we thought we did a great job of raising money for Make-A-Wish Idaho, but we didn’t imagine what a great job all of Idaho did! According to the Make-A-Wish Idaho inspiring make a wish Idaho messages
team, the amount of money they raised for this years walk will make them able to grant ten wishes to children here in the valley. Ten! That’s ten dreams coming true for children, and inspiring countless others around them. Idaho, we hope you’re proud – that’s quite the accomplishment.

Raising money is fun, but the walk for awareness was possibly even more fun. Aside from a fantastic kick-off party involving food trucks, radio D.J.’s spinning some fantastic tunes, and plenty of sunscreen being passed about, everyone had a great walk through 3 miles of beautiful Boise greenbelt. If you’ve never walked the Boise greenbelt you should give it a go – who knows, maybe we’ll see you at next year’s walk.

And that was our evening! A beautiful walk. Great friends. And a fantastic cause. Feeling left out? Don’t worry – the pages for donations are still live if you want to donate and become a part of the Burst Biologics team!

Memorial Day: Things You Didn’t Learn In School

Laboratory and Military experience

We’re proud to have SSG Trillitye Paullin (OIF Veteran, 2007 – 2008, Tillman Scholar, 2014) on staff as a Molecular Biologist here at Burst Biologics.

Memorial Day conjures up different images for everyone. Maybe it’s your Grandfather at the helm of a ship in the Navy, or your Aunt guiding her troops on foot through less-than-reasonable terrain. Even if you don’t have a military background yourself, odds are good you know someone who does. Here at Burst Biologics, Memorial Day hits pretty close to home for us. Not just because we’re a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, or because we have active and inactive duty military members on staff, or even because a good number of those who buy or use our products have a military background – but because we have the utmost respect for all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

In chatting about this particular post, we all realized that we weren’t 100% in agreement on the background of this holiday. We dug our heels in and did what we do best; research. Since it’s not a holiday that’s discussed much – other than the typical backyard BBQ or camping trip, we thought we would share that research with you (we’re scientists after all!) For your reading enjoyment, please find the 5 things you probably didn’t know about Memorial Day.

  1. Memorial Day vs. Veterans Day – Are They Really That Different?

You bet your buttons they are! Veterans Day (another holiday we cherish here) celebrates all United States military veterans. Memorial Day honors all men and women who gave their lives while serving.

  1. The National Moment of Remembrance – You Should Take A Minute At 3:00 PM.  Flags flying high on Memorial Day in a military cemetery

Despite the fact that this was actually passed as a law back in 2000, most people have a tendency to continue about their entire afternoon without taking a moment to pause and appreciate those who sacrificed their lives so that we could be where we are today. So how about this year, when 3:00 PM local time rolls around, you pause for that minute and give a moment of silence in honor of those we’ve lost.  

  1. It Was Started By Women – And Originally Called Decoration Day

Yup. All the way back to 1864 (just after the Battle of Gettysburg) women in Pennsylvania began a tradition of decorating the graves of their loved ones with flowers, and it caught on. As years went by, other women in other states started similar annual traditions, and before you knew it, General Logan was passing the General Orders No. 11  in 1868 which established May 30th “for the purpose of strewing with flowers, or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in defense of their country during the late rebellion.” In honor of this decorating tradition, it became the holiday Decoration Day.

  1. The Red Poppies Are From A Poem

You know the red plastic and fabric poppies that you see being handed out by veterans Red poppies from a WWI poemaccepting donations? Those actually came from a poem written by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, during WWI called “In Flanders Fields”. Since then the poppy tradition has spread to other veteran support network, but in the beginning, they were worn as a Memorial Day tradition.

  1. Some People Really Want The Original May 30th Holiday Back

When Memorial Day became a federal holiday, and per the 1971 Monday Holiday Law, the holiday was moved to the last Monday in May. Since the 80’s, however, a few people have made a push to see the holiday returned to its original May 30th date.

Now that you know what all we’ve found out about this holiday, what will you be doing to celebrate it? If you happen to be local to the Boise, Idaho area, there are a number of events you can choose from to help celebrate, my favorite being the Field of Honor set up in Eagle.
Make sure to post in the comments below to let us know your favorite Memorial Day tradition!

Burst Biologics: Making Wishes Come True

Wishes being granted

7-year-old cancer patient uses Make-A-Wish to help others

Here at Burst Biologics we care about people; we recruit the best in the field, we develop the most innovative solutions,
and we celebrate a strong company culture. Right now, we’re the most excited to celebrate making wishes come true for kids across the country. Wishes are for more than toddlers and storybooks, the Make-A-Wish Foundation says themselves, “A wish experience can be a game-changer for a child with a life-threatening medical condition.” In fact, they believe in the power of wishes so much, they know that “wishes are more than just a nice thing, and they are far more than gifts or singular events in time. Wishes impact everyone involved – wish kids, volunteers, donors, sponsors, medical professionals and communities.”

Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

The minute Make-A-Wish Idaho announced their annual Walk for Wishes fundraiser, we knew we were in!

Here are three reasons why you should be “in” with us:

1. It’s good for you! Not just the warm, fuzzy feeling you’ll get from helping children across the country have their dreams come true, but because you’ll get to go on a walk. According to the Mayo Clinic regular walking can improve your bone health, your mood, and provide all sorts of other health benefits like helping your heart, weight maintenance, and even blood pressure.

2. Connect with us. Members of the Burst Biologics team are going to be at this walk, and we want to meet you! Let’s hang out, get some fresh air, and probably take a selfie or two.

3. You’ll win cool stuff. You heard that right. We want to make such a huge impact on this fundraiser that we’re ready to give you prizes for joining our team and donating with us. Here’s what we’re offering:

    • $100 – Once you donate or raise $100 we’re going to send you a personal social media shoutout. We want to promote you; and help children. You want to help children, and have us promote you – it’s a win-win.


    • $500 – Get included on our shirts. The Burst Biologics team is going to be sporting some amazing shirts at the walk, and we would love to include your company name and / or logo on them. (Donations have to be received by May 12th to ensure time to make the shirts.


    • $1,000 – You thought the social shout-out was good? Well if you step up your fundraising game we’ll include you in our blog post recap about the event; complete with photos of our team in the walk (and probably a few cute dogs), and a link to your website as we brag about how great you, and your company, are.


  • $5,000 – If you raise this much, you are officially a fundraising guru. Which means you’re probably interested in chatting with somebody on par with your fundraising skills, like our CEO Chris Jones. We’d like to set you up with that chat, and Chris himself will take you out to dinner or for a round of golf. You can talk fundraising, tips on running a business, or even golf (Chris has a mean short game) – the possibilities are endless.


So let’s start racking up some cash for a cause, cultivate some warm-fuzzies by doing something good, and win some prizes. We’ll see you there.

Click here to join the Burst Biologics Make-A-Wish Idaho team, and start donating and / or fundraising today!

BioBurst Fluid: Latest Clinical Study Underway

BioBurst Fluid and Microscope

Exciting news for Burst Biologics as we’ve secured approval for our latest clinical study focusing on challenging foot and ankle surgery patients using BioBurst Fluid. This particular clinical study framework was created widely in order to evaluate complex surgeries in challenging patient populations.

Most people will suffer from some degree of foot or ankle problems during their lifetime. Many times, those who are in need of surgery have endured long periods of debilitating pain and disability.  Because the foot and ankle have to bear the weight of the entire body, bone grafts used for arthrodesis or correction must heal quickly and completely. We believe this registry will demonstrate BioBurst Fluid’s ability to jump start the vascular process needed in bone formation.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Burk, (foot and ankle surgeon)  to speak on behalf of BioBurst Fluid. Dr. Burk stated, “Complex procedures where surgical intervention is needed, often requires a jumpstart to facilitate the bone formation process needed to heal. Products like BioBurst Fluid give physicians like me a sophisticated and much-needed tool to address these patients.”














View this story on Newswire by clicking here.

To find out more on this prospective multicenter clinical study please visit:

Want more? Check out our last blog post.

BioBurst Fluid: extensive spinal fusion clinical study


Burst Biologics is excited to begin the IRB approved multicenter prospective clinical study in spinal fusion patients. BioBurst Fluid, a cellular umbilical cord blood (UCB) derived allograft, has shown very promising results in spinal fusion procedures. Aimed at documenting how spine and neurosurgeons are utilizing Burst Biologics products along with patient outcomes, this study will include radiographic measures such as fusion outcome, instrumentation integrity, and clinical outcomes (symptom and function improvement) based on surgeon and patient-based outcome assessments.

At Burst Biologics, we believe that creating clinical portfolios is essential to supporting physicians in making informed decisions. Because of this, we feel this clinical study will allow us to set a higher standard in the cellular allograft arena.

Steve Czop, Medical Affairs Officer at Burst Biologics: “Over the past five years working in Medical and Clinical Affairs, I have had the opportunity to meet with key Medical Directors throughout the country representing large regional hospital systems in order to display the clinical portfolio of several new products or technologies. The takeaway from those meetings was that a new product or technology must be successful in the “real world.”  Patient registries achieve this by gathering outcome data from a wide segment of patients that would otherwise be excluded from more formal controlled studies. As such, they more accurately describe results seen in a typical physician practice setting or large hospital system. Registry outcomes, along with specifically targeted key clinical studies and compelling basic science research will demonstrate the clinical utility, success, and cost-effectiveness of Burst Biologics products in the new paradigm of evidence-based medicine.”

The increasing popularity of cellular allografts over the last decade creates exponential opportunity for our products. Our research and development team strives for success in all areas.

Dr. Trillitye Paullin, Ph.D., Molecular Biologist at Burst Biologics:  “At Burst Biologics Department of Research, our team of scientists are working towards fully understanding the mechanisms responsible for BioBurst Fluids’ clinical response.  Utilizing highly technical procedures, we can create a complete analysis of why patients are experiencing positive spinal fusion outcomes.  Burst Biologics is setting the industry standard through its research and forthcoming scientific publications.”


View this story on Business Wire: Burst Biologics Initiates Prospective Multicenter Clinical Study

To find out more on this prospective multicenter clinical study please visit:

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Taking on Boston: Fusion Data Presented with Success

Coming together in Boston on October 26th, Burst Biologics set forth to engage in an event of over fifty physicians throughout the U.S. to talk about their place in evolutionary science. Burst’s advisers shared techniques and practices while discussing the use of our product to support and promote spinal fusions with some of the best spine care professionals in the United States.

Among the crowd were top ranking physicians and guest speakers Larry T. Khoo, MD and Dr. Tom Morrison, III, MD.

Thomas John Morrison III, MD is one of the top Complex Spinal Deformity Specialists in the country and a part of our very own surgeon advisory board. Dr. Morrison is the founder and CEO of MEDGEM with a heavy neurosurgical and spine health background.

Larry Khoo, MD is the Director of Minimally Invasive Neurological Spinal Surgery at the Los Angeles Spine Clinic at Good Samaritan Hospital. As a Graduate of Yale University and member of our surgeon advisory board, Dr. Khoo has extensive participation with spine societies all over the country.

Both Dr. Morrison and Dr. Khoo spoke about Burst Biologics, discussed the science behind the products and presented evidence based outcomes data.

The event was a huge success!