BioBurst Fluid

A Cellular Umbilical Cord Blood (UCB) Derived Allograft

  BioBurst Fluid’s composition is optimized to support angiogenesis, which aids in the bone consolidation process.
  BioBurst Fluid’s cytokine profile is ideal for recruiting  the patients own stem cells into the fusion bed
  BioBurst Fluid is derived from UCB which is a more vibrant source of cells and growth factors than adult derived cellular allografts

Early Data Indicates BioBurst Fluid Accelerates the Fusion Process

Progenokine Process

  BioBurst Fluid’s propietary techniques that make up the progenokine process optimize final product composition
✓  Great care is taken in the preservation of cells, growth factors and cytokines
  BioBurst Fluid’s cryopreservation techniques use only USP grade reagents and do not incorporate harmful cryopreservation agents such as DMSO
  Final Product composition validations are performed in accordance with the progenokine process

The Take Away

  BioBurst Fluid was developed to provide maximum regenerative support and has been shown to aid in the bone consolidation process
  From Cryopreservation to cellular and chemical composition, BioBurst Fluid is the leading cellular tissue product available today
  BioBurst Fluid’s cryo-protection is afforded by the patent pending Progenokine process and sets it apart from all other allograft suspension products
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Burst Biologics Products are regulated under C.F.R. § 1271. and are intended for homologous use only as determined by a physician. C.F.R. § 1271.3 (c)