Recollections From NASS Summer Spine Meeting

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Burst Biologics Booth at NASS Summer Spine Meeting

Did you make it to the NASS Summer Spine Meeting? We were there!

The Burst Biologics team was excited to be a part of the event in San Diego a few weeks ago, July 26 – 29. We hope you caught us at Table #14!

In case you missed the event, we wanted to share some of what we learned.

Biologics at NASS Summer Spine Meeting

Part of why we were excited about NASS Summer Spine was because of the emphasis on biologics this year. In fact, there was a great course called “Biologic Interventions for Spinal Pathologies” that touched on everything from stem cells to growth factors as they relate to spine care.

Our favorite presenter from the course was Dr. Harvey Smith, MD of Philadelphia. Dr. Smith’s talk was titled, “How are Cellular Biologics Different from Each Other?” In this lecture, he delved into cell counts, the types of cells found in biologics, and the extracellular matrices that cellular products can be suspended in. All told, it was an excellent presentation.  

Ultimately, one of the biggest topics to emerge from the conversation was DMSO. At the conference, most doctors and presenters spoke about DMSO as a necessary component of biologic products.  

Progenokine at NASS Summer Spine Meeting

We took this as a great opportunity to share information about our patent pending Progenokine Process with the group. The process was developed in a way that supports the integrity of the BioBurst suite of products.

But perhaps most importantly, Progenokine is DMSO-free! We made a huge splash at NASS when we revealed that our products utilize cryopreservation media without a trace of DMSO!

Complementing the unique properties of umbilical cord blood, the Progenokine Process makes BioBurst Fluid a standout biologic in the industry today.

Preparing for the Next NASS

Front Burst Biologics Booth at NASS Summer Spine Meeting

It’s not really news to us that our products have some superior characteristics, but the conference was a good reminder to spread the word about them! That’s why we’re already getting excited about NASS 2017 in October

It’s the biggest spine meeting of the year, so you’d better believe we’ll be there. You’ll find us at Booth #1753! We’ll even hand out some glossy new brochures about the research we do and the extra lengths we go to in order to ensure a great product.

All in all, we’re glad we attended the NASS Summer Spine Meeting – and we don’t want that feeling to end. Fortunately, we have the October NASS conference to look forward to, and so do you!

Now’s a good time to mark your calendars. We’ll see you there!

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